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Quick personal piece of my main ladies, Tripp and Imani! I can’t say enough good things about the character designs from my coworkers here at Motiga. Every hero looks like the embodiment of what they do, and the natural diversity of cast is a point of pride.

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Dryad Shade nymph art print

I want to go to there.

Shady trees, a babbling brook, beautiful nymphs…yeah.  I think they are about to start a very nice relationship, whatever form that can take when one person is kind of rooted to the ground.  

If you want to go to there, here’s a print you can have to get you closer!


Tuesday Tips - Power Shading

Here’s a technique I use often when attending life drawing sessions, especially nude sessions. I feel like it gives an energy and direction as well as clear volume to the figure. The more i know about underlying muscles, bones and general body structure, the more I can express through this technique. It’s kind of like a classic brush work when dealing with ink. It’s just more forgiving when using a Conte stick, by varying the angle and pressure of it.

Try it out!