So wonderfully rustic, caringly nostalgic, so American, so Midwestern, so careful—every fine line in place, every minor color overflowing with story…Landland takes place and space, music and myth, and fills them up with an elegant familiarity that makes you miss the scenes depicted, longing for them, homesick for them, even if you’ve never been anywhere or experienced anything like them. Fantastic.


New cover for The Progressive, thanks to AD Nick Jehlen!

This issue focused on stories from various people across the earth working in different ways to improve the world.
When I got the cover prompt I took a nap right afterwards, and I actually dreamed the idea of all the different birds building a nest together.

I’m so, so pleased that:
1. My sleeping brain pulled its own weight for once
2. That sketch actually got picked
3. I can literally say this was a “dream come true”